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What ages can play Know Your Neighbor?

We suggest high school kids and older. Some of the categories such as Do You Know Me, Would You Rather and Bible Trivia are appropriate for all ages. The other categories are safe for all ages but the content is designed for people further in their theological and emotional development.

How long does a Know Your Neighbor game take?

You can use Know Your Neighbor as conversation starters, so as long as the conversation lasts. If you play the game, we suggest going to 5 points to win. If you have 4 people a game could last for 10-20 minutes. Or longer depending on if people give long answers or discussion breaks out.

Is Know Your Neighbor a game or conversation starter deck?

Know Your Neighbor is a conversation starter deck for Christians. It is also a game. So yes, it is both. The objective of the game is to get points by answering questions. Some categories consist of questions that are right and wrong. The other categories are open-ended where the "judge" will award the point based on their satisfaction. We do suggest giving a point if a person answers a subjective questions honestly. But your game, your rules.

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