I got to play this with some of my friends and it opened up so much great conversations between us! Highly recommend this game/conversation starter.

Christin H

There was a great balance of deeper questions and more surface level ones to get to know each other better. Def a must to have when hosting a small group, intentionally gathering with friends or family.

Lauren K

Know Your Neighbor In Action

2 in 1 Card Deck

Know Your Neighbor is a conversation starter deck and group game.

It is best played with 3 or more people but can be played with 2 (My wife and I play and have a great time).

What's in the Deck?

The Deck comes with 240 cards, 6 categories, a rule book and 6 rule cards.

Hot Takes

The hot and spicy controversial questions. These are designed to be fun and even stretching for some people and groups.

At the end of the day hard topics should bring people together, not apart.

Do You Know Me

A series of three light-hearted questions to help you get to know someone.

Bible Trivia

If you really want to test your Christian friends this is a good place to start. These questions range from basic Christian trivia questions to obscure.

If anyone can get all 50 correct, shoot us a message and we will get you a prize.


The "serious" category that ranges from questions like "How was your day" to "Where in your life do you need to look more like Jesus?"

These are designed to open conversation up in a more intimate and vulnerable way.

Would You Rather

The always fun, this or that questions.

These are often used as ice breakers to get to know one another better but can further even the deepest of relationships.


This category is centered on theology and philosophy (yes, I combined the two to make up a word).

There are serious questions about our Christian faith, fun philosophical make-your-brain-hurt questions and even some that might have been placed in the "Hot Takes" category.